The North Rockland NJROTC Drill team is diverted into two categories; Unarmed Drill. commanded by Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Nicholas Sena and Armed Drill commanded by Cadet Lieutentant Marcus McFadden. Armed drill is where cadets learn to march while carrying rifles. Unarmed drill teaches cadets how to march together in formation.


The North Rockland NJROTC Color Guard is a small group of cadets that march with flags and rifles under the command of Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer Madison Miley. The color guard parade the colors at the high school, for parades, and at many events held for veterans. The color guard also parades the color for competition.



The North Rockland NJROTC marksmanship team is a group of cadets that under the command of Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Fernando Gonzalez are taken to compete in shooting high-powered Airsoft Rifles. Only after passing a qualification test with a perfect 100 will cadets be allowed to partake in Marksmanship.


The North Rockland NJROTC Academic team consists of the unit’s most brilliant minds putting their knowledge to the test in multiple categories such as social studies, sciences, math, etc. Our academic team is commanded by Cadet Petty Officer Second Class Natalie Mateo. The academic team partakes in drill meets and later in the year compete in the brain brawl.


The North Rockland NJROTC Athletics team is a group of the unit's strongest and most athletic students. Our Athletics team is commanded by Cadet Petty Officer Third Class Jake Hirsch. These cadets do a variety of different physical activities such as push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, and compete with different schools to see who can do the most and who can do them the fastest.


The North Rockland NJROTC STEM team consists of cadets that enjoy engineering and working on computers. Our STEM team is commanded by Cadet Lieutenant Marcus McFadden. The STEM team is divided into two categories; SeaPerch and CyberPatriot. In SeaPerch, cadets learn how to build a robotic submarine and compete in races against other schools and local clubs. CyberPatriot is a computer program, tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the images and hardening the system.


The North Rockland NJROTC Orentreering team is where cadets are given a map of different courses in the woods and must find the different locations on the maps and finish with the fastest time. Our school’s Orienteering team is commanded by Cadet Petty Officer First Class Dominic Cerratti. Many cadets enjoy this for the race or even a nice stroll to get out of the house.